League Tables
Winter 2022-23

League tables are updated from any result received, whether confirmed or not, but are not guaranteed.

Winning teams with unconfirmed result will be deducted 1pt at the end of the season/group stage.

Team positions are calculated by POINTS, then MATCHES WON, then FRAME WIN PERCENTAGE.

Player positions are calculated in the order Frames won, Win %, B&D %, Frames played, Name.

Blackball Rules (Best of 9 - Summer 2015 onwards)

1pt per frame plus 3pts for a win

9-0 win = 12pts

4-5 loss = 4pts

8-1 win = 11pts

3-6 loss = 3pts

7-2 win = 10pts

2-7 loss = 2pts

6-3 win = 9pts

1-8 loss = 1pts

5-4 win = 8pts

0-9 loss = 0pts

No-Show (or less than 24hrs notice):
Offending team -5pts & opponents +8pts (5-0 win)


Failure to turn up for a match without giving opposition 24hrs notice:
Blackball Rules League (best of 9): -5pts

Any team failing to turn up for the 1st rounds of the Cup will not be entered into the Shield competition. (Winter Season)

Failure to turn up for 3 matches in a season: team removed and barred from registering in the following same-format season (ie. Summer>Summer, Winter>Winter). Following a Winter season ban, the team will start from the bottom division, should they re-register.

Failure to produce results card or play the last match of the season:
-10pts this season AND at the beginning of the following season.

False result reported: -3pts

Failure to provide score evidence before the end of the season/group stage (defined as 2 weeks after the last league match/1 week after the last group match): -1pt for the winner.

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