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The Southampton Regional Pool League

Current Season: Winter 2016/17 - Running August 30th 2016 to 23rd March 2017
Next Season: Summer 2017 - Running April 11th 2017 to 20th July 2017

Welcome to the Southampton Regional Pool League website. Here you will find everything you need know about the league including Fixtures, League Tables, Rules, Team Details and more.

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Summer Season 2017
Registration Now Open!

Posted: January 31st 2017, 1.30pm

Click below to download the latest newsletter with important information about the new season, or to download the team registration form.

Registration closes on Sunday 19th March, or when the league is full (which is likely to be sooner!)

Newsletter TeamReg

Registrations received so far:

Updated: February 22nd 2017, 4.30pm

Colour code:
FORM RECEIVED BUT NO PAYMENT (registration NOT complete)
PAYMENT RECEIVED BUT NO FORM (registration NOT complete)



1) Bitterne Park Hotel - Martin Randall

2) Windsor Castle - Andy Egan

3) Obelisk - ? ?

4) The Lion - William Steel

5) Spike Islander - Lee Evans

6) Chapel A - TBC

7) Chapel B - Mark Andrews

8) Peartree -Phil Coleman

9) Brass Monkey - Martyn Geddes

10) Drummond - Kris Gardner

11) Hop Inn - Simon Caws


1) Windsor Castle - Tyrone Bulford

2) Robin Hood - Garry Gawn

3) Obelisk - ? ?

4) Chapel A - Andrew Watts

5) Chapel G - Kirsty Riley

6) Fleming Arms B - Roger Hedges

7) Peartree - Dean Cousins

8) Obelisk - ? ?

9) Cue Ts - Craig Davison

10) Master Builder - Dave Collier

11) Brass Monkey - Gary Biddlecombe

12) Hop Inn - ? ?

Cup Semi Final & Shield Quarters Final fixtures

Posted: January 6th 2016, 12.30pm

The CUP and SHIELD fixtures for 31ST JANUARY + 2ND FEBRUARY are now live!

Neutral Venues Needed!

The SRPL Committee are always looking to hold semi-finals and finals at neutral venues to prevent either team gaining a home advantage.

These matches often pull in a good crowd bringing much needed revenue to a pub and also free publicity via our YouTube channel at streamed matches.

If your venue is interested in hosting an event, please ask your landlord or landlady to get in touch. Minimum requirements are the provision of food and free play on a well maintained table for the match.

Semi-final matches will be held at the home drawn teams venue if we don't receive any requests.

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