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The Southampton Regional Pool League

Current Season: Winter 2016/17 - Running August 30th 2016 to 23rd March 2017
Next Season: Summer 2017 - Running April 11th 2017 to 20th July 2017

Welcome to the Southampton Regional Pool League website. Here you will find everything you need know about the league including Fixtures, League Tables, Rules, Team Details and more.

For the very latest news and information check out the latest posts on the Facebook group and join our mailing list to the right.

Cup Semi Final & Shield Quarters Final fixtures

Posted: January 6th 2016, 12.30pm

The CUP and SHIELD fixtures for 31ST JANUARY + 2ND FEBRUARY are now live!

Neutral Venues Needed!

The SRPL Committee are always looking to hold semi-finals and finals at neutral venues to prevent either team gaining a home advantage.

These matches often pull in a good crowd bringing much needed revenue to a pub and also free publicity via our YouTube channel at streamed matches.

If your venue is interested in hosting an event, please ask your landlord or landlady to get in touch. Minimum requirements are the provision of food and free play on a well maintained table for the match.

Semi-final matches will be held at the home drawn teams venue if we don't receive any requests.

EBPF National 7's Competition

Posted: October 27th 2016, 10.00am

Entry is now open to the English Blackball Pool Federation National 7's Competition.

If you are interested in entering teams please complete and return the team and player registration forms below to the National 7's Secretary by 30th November 2016.

Excelicon National 7s Team and Player Registration Form 2017 v2.xlsx

PDFicon Ebpf_National7Guidelines_V0-03.pdf

PDFicon EBPF Calendar 2017-2018 - DRAFT.pdf

PDFicon National 7s Scoresheet.pdf

General Notice to all players

Posted: October 7th 2016, 1.30pm

This is deliberately not aimed at, or directly referring to any teams, venues or individuals.

The SRPL prides itself on being a competitive, but friendly and fun league for everyone to enjoy. That has been the bedrock of the success and growth of the league over the years.

Recently though, we have heard of various incidents that have tarnished this friendly atmosphere and risk spoiling things for everyone. These have included poor sportsmanship, aggression, intimidation and even violence both on the night and even at other times during the week.

The committee would like to make it clear that these activities have no place in the SRPL, and must cease immediately.

Also, the committee wishes to clarify that it is unable to report any illegal events that may have occurred to the relevant authorities as the committee have not been there to witness it happening ourselves. It is the responsibility and prerogative of anyone there to take that course of action if they feel it necessary.

However from a playing perspective, if any further incidents occur that we are made aware of, then the committee reserves the right under the league rules to exclude players, teams or venues if deemed necessary. So we ask you to please police yourselves, and if necessary your teammates and prevent any further problems from starting.

We would rather run with only 8 teams that are having fun than 80 teams having hassles each week. No player or team should not want to go to a match as they are worried about what's going to happen.

We hope we have the support from you all in wanting to stop this all from deteriorating further and affecting the enjoyment we get from playing the game we all love...

Many thanks from The Committee

WOW! What a day!

Posted: September 22nd 2016, 7.00pm

With a PACKED garden and pub at the Gardeners Arms on Saturday the SRPL celebrated the last two seasons in STYLE!

We had an impressive 380+ trophies on display to hand out along with two live music acts (Liam and Timmy) a hog roast, BBQ, bouncy castle, face painting and (some) sunshine!

We also were privledged to have the daughters of the late Geoff Harding to present the newly named Summer Memorial Cup.

Head over to the Facebook group to view all the photos from the day/night.

Presentation Afternoon & Night

Posted: July 10th 2016, 4.00pm


Does your pool playing driving your significant other round the bend?
Do they not understand just how important every match really is?
Do they feel left out? (or maybe are just happy to have you out of the house!)

Well fear no more, this year's double Presentation Night will be held on Saturday 17th September at the Gardeners Arms and it's going to be bigger than before, and this time, for the entire family!

We'll have a BBQ on the go, a bouncy castle and much more to keep you and your tribe entertained into the evening along with the usual trophies, competitions and food.

The fun starts at 2pm with the trophy presentation around 6pm. If your team won or came runner-up in their division in the winter season or won their group in the summer, not to mention won or came runners-up in any of the other competitions, you have trophies to collect. Trophies will only be available to collect on the night so please attend the biggest event the SRPL has ever hosted (so far!).


Please join our Facebook Event to indicate your attendance to help us plan for numbers.

Saints Europa Fixture Clashes

This Winter season sees some Thursday fixtures clash with those of Southampton FC in the Europa League:

Teams are reminded that they need to be pro-active regarding their pool matches if they are unlikely to be able to use their pool table while the football matches are on.

Cup/Shield matches can be rearranged but must be played before the original fixture date.

Should a team find themselves unable to play on the night, the home team will forfeit the match 5-0 with a -5pt penalty.

The usual rules limiting teams to 2 rearrangements per season still apply, and football clashes will be included.

Winter Season starts 30th August!

Posted: August 18th 2016, 2.00pm

The fixture packs including result cards, newsletter, football scratch cards and most importantly, fixtures, are on their way to the 80 teams registered this season.

The website is also updated with all the latest info and fixtures!


Good luck everyone!

Winter Season Registration CLOSED

Posted: August 10th 2016, 4.30pm

Registration is now CLOSED for the Winter 2016/17 Season.
We've had a really good result with 40 teams on each night registering, meaning four divisions of 10 teams and no BYEs!

The committee are working day and night to prepare the new fixtures so look out on our Facebook group to hear the minute they're published!

Enjoy the summer break. Season starts 30th August 2016.

Cup & Shield fixtures

Posted: June 21st 2016, 9.30am

The CUP and SHIELD fixtures for the 28TH+30TH JUNE* are now live!

The league tables indicate which competition each team are in.
BLUE teams are in the CUP
GREEN teams are in the SHIELD
RED teams are eliminated.

*PLEASE NOTE: as there are no play-offs required, this week (21st June) is a BREAK WEEK.

Shield & Dagger Teams

Posted: May 6th 2016, 10.00am

Following the (hopefully temporary) closure of the Shield & Dagger, the following teams have relocated:

Tuesday Group B: Shield & Dagger C [Jason Plant] now playing from the Ice House.

Tuesday Group E: Shield & Dagger A [Neil Turner] now playing from the Ice House.

Thursday Group C: Shield & Dagger B [Roger Hedges] now playing from the Fleming Arms.

Thursday Group F: Shield & Dagger A [Melvin Herridge] now playing from the Ice House.

Still unsure of Blackball Rules?

Posted: April 28th 2016, 3.00pm

If you're still unsure of the Blackball rules then check out this brilliant visual guide from Blackball.uk


Summer 2016 Fixtures now live!

Posted: March 30th 2016, 10.00pm

Good luck everyone and enjoy the summer!

Season starts on Tuesday 12th April.

Summer 2016 League Format & Groups

Posted: March 24th 2016, 10.00pm


Station B [Tim Harris]
Firehouse C [Jimmy Ely]
Windsor Castle [Andy Egan]
Players, Totton [Neil Stansbridge]
Bitterne Park Social Club [Lee Humphrey]
Hinkler A [Tony Gale]

Kings Arms A [John Miller]
Shield & Dagger C [Jason Plant]
Chapel B [Annamarie Jarman]
Baizz A [Martin Randall]
Peartree [Phil Coleman]
Baizz C [Sheryl Semple]

Cricketers Arms [Andy Presland]
Gardeners Arms [Lee Bell]
Brass Monkey [Martyn Geddes]
Prince of Wales [Jimmy Sullivan]
Kings Arms B [Darcy Henry]
Hinkler C [Martin Trigg]

Saints [Alec Bowyer]
Hinkler B [Dan Lovell]
Chapel A [Phil West]
Saxon [Gary Coward]
Angel [Brendan Hayes]
Obelisk [Mike Smith]

Hop Inn [Simon Caws]
Yacht [Richard Searles]
Elephant & Castle B [Ben Prior]
Swan [Mark Westwood]
Spike Islander [Lee Evans]
Shield & Dagger A [Tyrone Bulford]

Drummond Arms [Simon Gardiner]
The Lion [Steve White]
Station A [Richard Wilkins]
Firehouse B [John Reeves]
Firehouse A [Gavin Wakefield]
Mitre [Stevie Wonder]

Cue-T's [David Whitcher]
Browns [Danny Campbell]
Hinkler [Tony Hopkins]
Yacht [Stuart Charlton]
Kings Arms [Derek Hudson]
Chandlers Ford Club A [Ray Smith]

Soton Rugby Club [Harry Allen]
Robin Hood [Darren Weston]
Saints [Rich Fay]
North Baddesley Social Club A [Paul Elkins]
Grove Tavern [Garry Gawn]
Bitterne RBL [Dave McEwan]

Drummond Arms [Simon Gardiner]
Chapel G [Annamarie Jarman]
Shield & Dagger B [Roger Hedges]
Netley Central Club [Dan Adams]
Shooting Star A [Dave Jowett]
North Baddesley Social Club B [Richard Bayly]

Windsor Castle [Tyrone Bulford]
Master Builder [Peter Elliott]
Chandlers Ford Club B [Anthony Ireland]
Brass Monkey [Martyn Geddes]
Obelisk [Kit Loydd]
Hop Inn [Jimmy Sullivan]

Old Farmhouse [Ben Chamberlain]
Baizz B [Dean Guyatt]
Peartree [Dean Cousins]
Chapel A [Andy Watts]
Shooting Star B [Daniel Housego]
Mitre [Hugh Wilson]

Shield & Dagger A [Melvin Herridge]
Cricketers Arms A [Ian Morris]
Cricketers Arms B [Kev Hawkins]
Prince of Wales B [Joe Smith]
Regents Park [Ian Tarrant]
Pre-Bar [Paul Alders]

The Fixtures are being prepared and double-checked. Keep an eye on the Facebook group to be the 1st to hear when they're published.

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